What are your immediate goals for the Ginkgo trees Vasil planted?

  1. To raise enough funds to move a portion of the trees from the Ginkgo plantation where they currently are to a new permanent home. The new location will provide proper spacing between the trees to allow for their longevity for centuries to come.

Where can I find out more about the Ginkgo Forest?

  1. Head to the Ginkgo Forest page. The details of the ISPO are on the ISPO page. If you have any questions feel free to DM us on Twitter @vstdabov.
  1. To find and purchase the appropriate land for the above.

How can I help you with your cause?

  1. Delegate to the VASIL pool! We use the operator rewards (sans costs of operation) to fund the project.
  1. If you happen have experience moving large amounts (hundreds or thousands) of trees, feel free to DM us on Twitter @vstdabov
  1. If you are in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, you can help by watering some of the trees that Vasil planted in public areas. If you are interested in doing so, please DM us on Twitter @vstdabov

Can I see the trees Vasil planted?

Vasil planted trees both in public areas and in a private plantation.

Trees planted in public areas in Bulgaria can be located via this map.

The private plantation is in private property and is not available for public visits. We will however post photos & videos of it on an ongoing basis.

What is the purpose of the Ginkgo 2022 NFT collection?

It is a sign of appreciation of the delegators to the VASIL pool.

I am a delegator who received an NFT from the Ginkgo 2022 NFT collection, can I sell the NFT I was airdropped?

Yes, absolutely. The collection is listed & verified on both jpg.store & cnft.io. You can buy/sell NFTs from the collection in either of these places.

jpg.store renders all the NFTs in the collection automatically. On cnft.io you need to list the NFT that you own yourself.

Will there be more NFT collections in the future?

Yes. Stay tuned.

Who are you? Who is running the VASIL pool?

We are Vasil’s son and daughter. We are working on the continuation of Vasil’s legacy and the work that he was unable to finish due to his sudden passing. Our backgrounds combine blockchain technology and the arts, and we are also caretakers of the thousands of trees that he left behind.

I have an idea (or a question) I’d like to chat with you about, where can I contact you?!

You can DM us on Twitter @vstdabov.