About Vasil

In memory and continuation of Vasil Dabov’s life and work
An Artist, Ginkgologist, BC Advisor, Haskell Practitioner, Holonist: “The Sage Who Has Been Planting (Thousands of) Ginkgo trees”

Who is Vasil Stoyanov Dabov?

Vasil was a grandfather, father, brother, a pioneer, an entrepreneur in various fields, and an inspiration for many across the world. His passion for spreading Ginkgo Biloba, blockchain technology, and sagely wisdom was unparalleled. He has single-handedly planted more than 10,000 trees, predominantly Ginkgo Biloba, but also Metasequoia, and other endangered species. When asked why he stopped counting exactly how many trees he planted, he responded “After I had planted a few thousand trees, I realized that instead of spending time counting how many trees I had planted, I could use the same time to plant more trees.

Vasil passed away in his apartment in Plovdiv, Bulgaria on December 3, 2021 after a long combat with pulmonary embolism.

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Vasil’s Message

Vasil’s vision weaves together the evolution of human consciousness, the future of technology, and the health of our living planet. A self-professed urban shaman, he practiced a life of deep dedication to presence, knowledge and connection to the natural world. Scroll down to peruse a growing library of the many interwoven threads of his message, practice and research.