Vasil's Forest

What is Vasil's Forest?

Vasil's Forest is a project which utilizes the power of Cardano Staking to plant Ginkgo Biloba trees in their permanent home where they could live for centuries.

The project aims to:

  • Advance the Cardano ecosystem
  • Sustainably manage a Ginkgo Biloba forest (part of UN Sustainable Development Goal 15, Life on Land)
  • Experiment with tokenization of real-world assets

Who was Vasil Stoyanov Dabov?

In his own words, Vasil St. Dabov was an artist, ginkgologist, blockchain advisor, Haskell practitioner, and holonist, aka "the sage who has been planting (thousands of) Ginkgo trees."

After Vasil’s passing in 2021, Charles Hoskinson honored Vasil’s life by naming one of Cardano’s development eras (hardforks) Vasil.

Vasil Dabov & Charles Hoskinson planting trees at the Cardano 2 year anniversary celebration, organized by Vasil in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, Sept. 2019

What was Vasil’s vision for PoS blockchains?

Vasil saw PoS blockchains as public infrastructure, not run or operated by governments, but rather a decentralized public ledger to keep track of key resources important to all of humanity.

At the time of his passing Vasil was working on a public ginkgo forest. He intended every tree in this forest to be tracked on the Cardano blockchain.

How does the project advance the Cardano ecosystem?

The project will track world assets with ecological value (Ginkgo Biloba trees) on the Cardano blockchain, with the help of staking pool delegations.

It will also develop a decentralized web application which shows the locations of the trees.

All tools built for the project will be open sourced for other Cardano projects to use & fork.

How does the project contribute to UN’s Sustainable Development Goals?

By planting at least 200 Ginkgo Biloba trees (added to the Threatened Species Red List in 1998) on land where the trees can live indefinitely the project effectively prototypes a model for sustainably managing a forest of endangered tree species, thus contributing to Goal 15, Life on Land.

Read more on UN SDGs website.

How is Vasil's Forest project related to Vasil?

Vasil's Forest is part of Vasil’s vision of blockchains as a medium for tracking vital, shared ecological resources.

Vasil planted the seeds for this project in his lifetime. His family, with the support of delegators to the VASIL staking pool, continue to implement his vision & realize his legacy.

How big will Vasil's Forest be?

The land we will plant the trees on will be at least 6,000 square meters (~1.5 acres).

We will plant 200 Ginkgo Biloba trees. They will be planted in hexagon pattern, 5-6 meters apart from one another.

Where will Vasil's Forest be located?

Vasil's Forest will be located within an hour south of the Lisbon airport.

It will be open for anyone to visit & accessible via car/Uber/Bolt from the city of Lisbon.

How will the trees be tracked on the Cardano blockchain?

We will airdrop NFTs which represent the trees we will plant in Portugal.

Each NFT will be updated with the coordinates of a tree once the tree is planted.

What decentralized tech will we buidl?

A map showing the trees planted, so anyone could see how delegations to the VASIL staking pool result in Ginkgo Biloba trees.

NFT holders will be able to connect their wallets to see which tree their NFT(s) correspond(s) to.

When will the ISPO start?

The Initial Stake Pool Offering (ISPO) starts on March 30, 2024 (Epoch 476).

Head to the ISPO page to find out all the details!