Initiatial Stake Pool Offering

ISPO Starting in March 2024!

Vasil's Forest project is launching an ISPO via the VASIL staking pool on March 30, 2024 (Epoch 476).

Phase 1 of the project will last 2 years or until all 4,000 NFTs are minted, whichever takes place first.


ISPO: Begin connecting delegations to future trees
Develop dApp for viewing trees coordinates based on NFTs
Prepare seeds for planting

Plant new trees (to be transferred) in nursery
Buy land land in Portugal

Re-plant trees in their permanent home
Open Vasil's Forest to visitors!

Rewards & Tokens

In addition to receiving 98% of the delegator rewards (according to the Cardano protocol) delegators who meet the eligibility conditions described in the following slides will be airdropped trees NFTs.

The VASIL pool margin will remain 1.99%. The fixed fee will remain 340 ADA. The pledge will remain 100,000 ADA.

4,000 Tree NFTs

The tree NFT tokens represent trees which will be planted. For each tree we plant we will mint an edition of 20 NFTs containing the coordinates of the tree. Each NFT will be updated with the planting date & coordinates of the tree, once the tree has been planted in its permanent home.


NFT tree tokens will be airdropped on an ongoing basis when the amount & duration of delegations are met. The first phase of the project will be limited to 4,000 NFTs.

Delegation to VASIL pool of the following amounts for the following periods will result in the following airdrops.

1,250 ADA for 2 years (146 epochs) = 1 NFT
2,500 ADA for 1 year (73 epochs) = 1 NFT
25,000 ADA for 35 days (7 epochs)= 1 NFT
200,000 ADA for 18 days (3 epochs) = 1 NFT


Phase 1 of the project will be concluded once 4,000 tree NFTs have been airdropped or in March 2026, whichever takes place first. Once Phase 1 is complete the tokenonomics for future phases will be decided & announced.


For a delegation to be eligible for NFT airdrop it needs to last at least one full Cardano epoch (~5 days) & meet the amount minimum of 1,250 ADA.


What happens if all 4,000 NFTs are airdropped before my delegation is eligible for an airdrop?

You will not receive a tree NFT, but you will still be able to visit Vasil's Forest once the trees have been planted there.

When will I able to visit Vasil's Forest?

Anyone will be able to visit Vasil's Forest starting March 2026.

Can I sell, transfer, or buy the tree NFT tokens?

Yes, you can sell, transfer, and buy the NFT tokens (once they have been airdropped to delegators).

What can I do with the tree NFTs?

The utility of the tree NFTs is to track the trees which have been planted.

Where can I follow the project?