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Ticker: VASIL
Pool ID: 9c3bcf9d42f117cf4405d394e448ee1f46dd8c52b705decec29bcdc0

Pool Mission

A pioneer in IT and blockchain, Vasil started a Cardano staking pool in September 2020.

Throughout his life Vasil planted more than 10,000 trees, predominantly Ginkgo Biloba but also Metasequoia as well as other endangered species.

The mission of the pool has always been and continues to be:

What does contributing to preserving/enriching the biodiversity of the unique endangered species Ginkgo Biloba mean?

Vasil’s intention was always to use the proceeds from the pool to find a long-term home for the thousands of trees he planted in his home country Bulgaria, which would continue to live long after he and all of us are gone. Although the trees receive continued care after Vasil’s passing, the majority of them exist on a small plot of land where they were meant to only grow temporarily until they can be replanted with more space. In continuation of this intention, the proceeds from the new pool will be used to ensure the longevity of these trees and create a forest that contributes to the preservation of the endangered Ginkgo Biloba species. This entails:

  • Buying appropriately sized land to move of the trees to
  • covering the costs of moving the trees and doing essential care for them for 2-3 years after replanting to ensure their adaptation to the new location.

The newly created Ginkgo Biloba forest will be accessible to those who wish to visit the trees and connect to Vasil’s enormous legacy.


Vasil’s estate plans to realize NFT projects as collectible artworks as well as ones with real-life utility. In June and July 2022, in conjunction with the Vasil Hard Fork, early delegators to the VASIL pool received NFTs with artwork that pays a visual tribute to Vasil’s legacy. Learn more